Literature Reviews with MAXQDA

March 3rd


1.00 – 4.00 p.m.
Haus der Wirtschaft

Am Schillertheater 2
35039 Berlin

120 €

60 € reduced

Students/PhD candidates


  • Importing and working with PDF files
  • Using new documents to create critical appraisals
  • Using coding tools to systematise thinking about literature
  • Importing metadata about references from bibliographic tools
  • Use of MAXQDA tools to search for salient issues in literature
  • Linking up primary data analysis with results of literature review
  • Exploring output tools to facilitate a rounded write up


To open up thinking about the potential role of MAXQDA in conducting literature reviews and linking up with primary (and/or secondary) data to result in a more comprehensive and rounded research project.

For whom

For all those, who are looking for a hands-on, praxis-oriented introduction to using MAXQDA to conduct literature reviews.


Knowledge of the MAXQDA features covered in Analysing Qualitative Data with MAXQDA Starter Complete: you should be familiar with the interface, be able to code texts, retrieve coded segments and write memos.


Please bring a laptop with MAXQDA 12 (Windows or Mac) installed to this workshop. The free demo version is sufficient.



Dr. Christina Silver is manager of the CAQDAS Networking Project, which provides information, advice and training in a range of software packages designed to facilitate the analysis of qualitative and mixed data, including MAXQDA. Christina’s particular interests relate to the relationship between technology and methodology and the effective teaching of qualitative software. She is co-author with Ann Lewins of Using Software in Qualitative Research (Sage publications, 2007, 2014) and is currently finalising a new book about MAXQDA which outlines a CAQDAS pedagogy she and Nicholas Woolf have developed: Five-Level QDA: A Method for harnessing MAXQDA powerfully (Routledge, due 2017). Christina is also co-director of the University of Surrey’s Day Courses in Social Research and the co-founder of Qualitative Data Analysis Services (QDAS), which provides customised training, analysis and consultancy services for individuals and groups engaged in qualitative analysis.