MAXQDA Starter Workshop

26. Februar


10:00 – 13:00
Haus der Wirtschaft

Am Schillertheater 2, 10625 Berlin

95 €

55 € ermäßigt


MAXQDA Starter Workshop


Computer-assisted qualitative data analysis software is a field of growing interest, with an increasing range of possibilities delivered in software packages like MAXQDA. For MAXQDA, these options are developed in close dialogue with researchers and practitioners, offering the necessary support to research methods. MAXQDA is a pioneer software tool for data analysis, encompassing a friendly user experience. As a solid software tool, MAXQDA is offering an impressive range of options to collect, transcribe, organize, analyze, visualize, and publish data using micro-computation assistance. In this workshop, participants will take part in a guided about data analysis using MAXQDA.This tour will consist of guided-practice and hands-on examples focusing on MAXQDA’s basic functions. Workshop participants will receive a dummy dataset and detailed worksheets for future reference.


  • Touring MAXQDA
  • Research Project Set-Up:
    • Preparing and Managing Data 
    • Generating documents in MAXQDA 
    • Importing and organizing data 
  • MAXQDA Basics:
    • Creating codes
    • Applying codes
    • Assigning links to documents
    • Managing the Code System
    • Text search and auto-coding
    • Retrieving coded segments
  • Mindful Marking of Data:
    • Memos
    • Comments
    • Summaries
    • Paraphrases
  • Application of Skills:
    • Retrieving tabulated data
    • Extracting project file features
    • Generating prints and reports


This workshop is going to show participants, from the perspective of a data analyst, how to use MAXQDA core features. Example data files include interviews, a focus group transcript, Portable Document Files (PDFs), spreadsheets, or pictures. One of the major attractions of MAXQDA is its ease-of-use, therefore a starter workshop is particularly adequate to provide a rich learning experience grounded on the main tasks involved in every data analysis project. Another positive feature is the multiple ways in which practitioners can use the software to ask meaningful questions to their data. By completing this workshop, participants will learn the foundations of how to use MAXQDA and the fundamental tasks involved in every data analysis project. After the workshop, participants are expected to apply this tool to manage their own datasets, and to conduct computer assisted data analyses.

For whom

This workshop will be of most benefit to participants who are new to MAXQDA, want to learn the basics of the program, and to think systematically about data analysis.


Participants do not need prior MAXQDA knowledge for this workshop.


Participants must bring a laptop with the latest version of MAXQDA installed. If you do not already have a MAXQDA license, you can download the 14-day free trial shortly before the workshop.


Professional MAXQDA Trainer Francisco Freitas

Francisco Freitas is an experienced data science field researcher, software instructor, research methods lecturer, and consultant. His special research interests include risk, regulation, research methodologies, and big data. He studied Sociology, Risk Analysis and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and is a long-time partner of Verbi GmbH for the development of the Portuguese version of MAXQDA software. As a practitioner, he has taken part in several multidisciplinary research teams, and has extensive experience in the field of both qualitative and quantitative research methods, as well as grounded theory and qualitative content analysis methodologies. His responsibilities repeatedly encompass all the stages of data collection and analysis, along with mapping and spatial analysis tools rendering.