Steps in Conducting a Mixed Methods Study with MAXQDA

26. Februar


14:00 – 17:00
Haus der Wirtschaft

Am Schillertheater 2, 10625 Berlin

95 €

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Steps in Conducting a Mixed Methods Study with MAXQDA


The steps in conducting a rigorous mixed methods study consists of answering seven key questions as they relate to your topic. What type of questions are best addressed by mixed methods? What philosophical/theoretical framework is best to use? What forms of data should you collect for a mixed methods study? What procedures (designs) are best for your study? How do you conduct a mixed methods data analysis? How do you present the results from a mixed methods study? How do you address validity challenges? The workshop will include the latest advances in mixed methods developed and tested at the University of Michigan’s Mixed Methods Program. Participants are encouraged to bring projects to work on during the workshop and a few hands-on activities will be provided. Dr. Creswell will be assisted by Dr. Mariko Hirose of Japan, an experienced mixed methods researcher.


Knowledge of MAXQDA basic tools is required.


Participants will bring a laptop with the latest version of MAXQDA installed on it. If you do not already have a MAXQDA license, you can download the 14-day free trial shortly before the workshop.


John W. Creswell, PhD, Professor of family medicine and co-director of the Michigan Mixed Methods Program at the University of Michigan. He is the world-renowned scholar in mixed methods, and the author of numerous articles and 28 books on mixed methods, and research design.